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Easy Ways to Preserve Food

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Easy Ways to Preserve Food – Are you the type of person who often keeps food in the refrigerator so it doesn’t go stale? What you are doing is a simple way of preserving food. However, keeping food in the refrigerator only makes it last for a few days or weeks. If you want to preserve food on an annual basis, you will need another method of preserving food. Storing food in the refrigerator is actually not enough to help make it more durable and long lasting. Although there are some foods that are resistant to rot when they go into the refrigerator, yes. Actually there are certain tricks to make certain foodstuffs have a longer shelf life. These methods are of course adapted to the content and characteristics of the food.

At this time there are quite a lot of ways to preserve food, be it in a simple way or in a modern way. Preservation of food is intended so that the food in question can last longer. There are approximately 6 ways of preserving food that are currently applied in all parts of the world, namely cooling, smoking, https://portalgame.web.id – https://portalgame.web.id canning, drying, sweetening, and salting. These methods are also still applied in Indonesia because they have been proven to be able to preserve food for months, except for the canning method which has added preservatives so that it can last for years. Here below are 6 ways of preserving food:


This method is very well known by the general public, both rural and urban communities. This method of preserving food by cooling is very easy to do, simply by placing the food you want to preserve at a very low temperature, ranging from -4 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius. Foods that are usually preserved in this way are vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits, fish, and others.


How to preserve by smoking is done by placing food in a place which will then be smoked from below. Preserving food in this way is actually not able to make food really durable in the long term because in general this method still has to be combined with salting and drying.


This method combines chemical engineering and physics. Chemical engineering because it usually requires a number of preservatives that must be mixed into food and physical engineering because the food will be put in a vacuum can. The preservatives used usually contain salt, acid, or sugar and are stored in cans made of aluminum. Foods that are usually preserved by canning are vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, milk, coffee, tea, and others.


Drying method is done by drying or heating the food to be preserved. This technique has the principle that the microorganisms that cause spoilage are very fond of places that are moist, wet, and have a moisture content. Therefore, with the drying technique, it is hoped that the food will be completely dry and the microorganisms will die, so that spoilage does not occur.


The way to preserve food with sweetening techniques is to put the food in a substance containing sugar with a concentration of 40 percent to reduce levels of microorganisms. If the concentration level is increased to 70 percent, it can prevent food spoilage. Some foods that are usually preserved by sweetening are gelatin, milk, candied fruit, and others.


“Hah? Is it true that we can preserve food by burying it?” It might sound a little scary to you. However, this technique of burying food for preservation is very popular in Korea. The ancestors of the land of ginseng taught this burial method for generations to create Kimchi.

The process of making kimchi starts from preparing the soil used to bury the kimchi by adding salt to the soil. Next, the seasoned kimchi is put in a barrel and buried for months. Although today we don’t need to use this method to make kimchi, most Korean people still maintain the culture of making kimchi with this burial method.


Not many people know that there is a way to preserve food using the acidification method. The basis of this technique is to reduce the level of acidity (pH) so that the growth of bacteria that causes spoilage will be inhibited. To acidify culinary naturally usually use tomatoes. However, to acidify food with chemicals usually use vinegar or citric acid. Nowadays, making pickles or kimchi more using this method of pickling. Vinegar is the most commonly used acidification medium.


Fermentation is the process of making food by converting carbohydrates into alcohol and organic amino acids using bacteria, yeast, or fungi. Fermented processed foods are usually much more infinite than ordinary food. Fermentation also changes the taste and aroma of culinary and beverage to be more delicious. Some types of food that go through the fermentation process are tape, yogurt, beer, and soy sauce. Not all of the ways to preserve food above can be used to preserve everyday foods. We recommend that you adjust the preservation method you ch

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